High Visibility Clothes For Kids

While it is all too easy to assume that high visibility clothes are for the reserve of the workplace or while out exercising, it also has some fantastic safety possibilities for children. Children sometimes get themselves into some pretty dangerous situations when they go out and about with their friends. It can also be comforting to know that they are well protected and visible if they have to walk too and from school. So what are the options for high-vis for kids?

Jackets & Vests

High visibility clothes for children can consist of a mix of different types. The boldest and most noticeable are those that come as jackets or vests and provide visual contact from far away. This is a fantastic choice for younger children, but you may have problems getting older children to wear them. In that case, simply opt for a bright t-shirt or sweater and a belt with an inbuilt reflective strip.

Backpacks & Straps

A high visibility backpack is a perfect way to ensure that your child is seen on the streets and provides ample warning to cars and bikes traveling to the rear of them. Many high visibility bags also feature reflective straps, which provide a bright glow for oncoming traffic. If your child doesn’t use a backpack, you can get some reflective straps which are worn like pant braces. These also come as straps for the wrists and ankles and provide plenty of illumination from oncoming traffic.

Shoes & Hats

If your child doesn’t want to be seen wearing high visibility clothes, such as a jacket or vest, the next best things to opt for is reflective or light-up shoes and a bright yet funky high-vis hat. Sneakers are a great way to get your child to comply and there is a whole host of eye-catching colors and designs out there. If possible, select a pair that features reflective strips on them, and if you can find them, ones that light up.

A bright baseball cap with a reflective rim and backstrap can be one of the best choices of high visibility clothing for your kids. When you team up the 2 together you have head to toe visibility, which still allows your child to hold on to some of their street-cred.

Final Thoughts On High Visibility Clothes For Kids

Children need extra protection when outside, no matter how grown up and responsible they think that they may be. By kitting out your kid in some appropriate high visibility clothes you can relax in the knowledge that they are visible to cars and bikes on the roads. As parents, it is our job to give our children every possible safety enhancing protection, and high-vis clothing can really help with it all.